Cooper Tire Reviews

Would you like to learn the honest and unbiased opinion of tire specialist and customers alike about Cooper Tires? Here at we have approached several specialists and asked them to give us their opinion and just so as you are sure you are receiving the full, unfiltered message we got them to write their own Cooper tire reviews which we have published here for your convenience. We have asked them to talk about Cooper tires from their own, personal points of view as well as from their professional views. And here is what they have told us!

Cooper Tire Reviews by Duncan Miles – Auto Inspector

“For the longest time people coming in with their cars for the annual checkup have been asking me about what would be the safest tires for their children’s cars and so I was very happy when asked me to tell them what I thought about cooper tires. That is because the significant fact for me has been that most of the people who have approached me to ask about the best tires have done so to be able to help their children who are just now starting to drive. And having a son who is just growing up now I know exactly how they feel…” Click here to read on!

Cooper Tire Reviews by Greg Cooper – Mechanic

“Most people don’t really think about asking a mechanic about tires because we deal primarily with engines so I was very proud when asked me to give them my honest opinion about cooper tires. And I am happy to say that I have a set of cooper tires on my Honda right now. I think that they are a great set of tires because they have lot of smart tech features about them…” Click here to read on!

Cooper Tire Reviews by Jane Willow – Cab Driver

“As a cab driver you don’t really get asked so much about the quality of the car or of the tires or even about what the best gas stations are, although we probably know more about those kind of things than anyone else so let me just start by saying that I am very honored to have been asked by to write this little article. And I honestly hope that they were honest about asking for an impartial evaluation because I have been using the Cooper GFE tires for some time now and they are nowhere near as economical as they pretended to be…” Click here to read on!

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